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Weight- 97 grams

These gorgeous blue Fluorite specimens are known as Blueberry Fluorite and found in Huang Guangliang mine in Inner Mongolia.

The striking combinations of deep blue Trisoctahedron crystal formations on the oxidised ‘candle’ quartz matrix, make this rare fluorite a must for any collection.

‘Blueberry’ fluorite gets its stunning colour from trace amounts of yttrium which have replaced the calcium in the Calcium Fluorite (CAF2) chemical composition.

Fluorite is a mineral that makes order from chaos and aligns you with your higher truth. It aids you in planning and helping you to understand all aspects of any decisions, be it personal, professional, or spiritual. It diffuses disorganised and disruptive energy and replaces it with calm, rational, detached reasoning and unbiased impartiality. Blue Fluorite in particular activates the Throat and Third Eye chakras, providing insight and expression with a clear mind. This crystal is excellent at dispelling anger and filtering your communication so that you are able to express your Highest Self.

Blueberry Fluorite on Candle Quartz Matrix


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