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Weight- 290 grams

Cobaltoan Calcite or Cobalto Calcite (also Aphrodite stone) is a fabulous healing crystal all about love and self care, great for lifting stress and anxiety and helping to balance emotions while learning what is needed with joy and gratitude.

Aids in uncovering and releasing hidden emotions, suppressed feelings and inner child wounds. Great for Mother and child bonding, healing, and for postnatal depression and any kind of traumatic experiences where our heart has been affected and where we may have unconsciously or consciously shut down to the love within and around us out of fear of being hurt further. 

 Cobalto Calcite encourages positive thoughts, bringing our emotions into harmony once again. Cobalto Calcite enables us to accept how strong we are, have compassion for ourselves and for others.

It can also help us to forgive ourselves and others and rise above with compassion and understanding. Creates harmony within relationships.

Cobalto Calctite Specimen


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