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Weight- 2.690 kilos

Width- 225mm

Height- 137mm

Depth- 42mm

This is an absolutely stunning example of chrysocolla in malachite. The botryoidal formation of the chrysocolla can be seen on the sides and the bottom edge has the wonderful green banding of malachite.

A truly fabulous piece which I personally love.

Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment, patience, and inner strength. It

deeply stimulates the throat chakra for clear communication of one's inner

wisdom so that others may benefit from their knowledge and experiences.

It enhances romantic relationships by facilitating communication in a

loving manner. Within the home, Chrysocolla dispels negative energy and

promotes peace, harmony, and cooperation between family members.

Element: Water

Chakras: Throat, Heart, Root

Malachite is a powerful stone of self-transformation and amplifies both

positive and negative energies. It eases heartache and promotes deep

emotional healing. Place this stone on the third eye chakra to enhance

visualisation and psychic vision, and to assist in receiving insights from

the subconscious mind. Malachite absorbs negative energy but does not

release it, making it important to ensure it is regularly cleansed.

Element: Fire

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus

Huge Chrysocolla Malachite Part Polished Slab


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