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You will receive one, intuitively chosen bracelet.

Preseli Blue Stone (Dolerite)

Preseli Bluestone has a strong connection with the electrical impulses produced by the human body, and has a particularly strong connection with the heart. Bluestone clears the heart centre, and strengthens the electrical workings of the heart. It improves electrical communication throughout the body, which in turn serves to balance and strengthen the immune system. It also helps us to link into the electromagnetic field of the Earth itself. Judy Hall and others take this further, suggesting that the stone taps into the energy pathways of our planet. This makes sense, given its surprising strength and ability to tap into the electrical pathways of the human body, and also by the way it was utilised by our forebears. It is easy to understand why our ancestors may have attributed healing powers to Preseli Bluestone.

In addition, Bluestone clears the Throat Chakra, aiding communication as well as assisting the body’s regulatory process. In Chinese medicine, it links with both the Heart and Stomach Meridians. Spiritually, Bluestone can be used to strip away the layers that have shaped our personality and belief systems through environmental factors, so we are able to remember the core of who we are, and through this, open our perceptions of the world around us. By letting go of old perceptions, we may be able to see the universe in all its multi-dimensional glory.

Preseli Bluestone Power Bead Bracelet


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