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Exquisitely carved in China, this delightful 3 legged money toad is sat upon a coin and holds a coin in its mouth.

This mythical creature is said to appear during the full moon, near houses or businesses that will soon receive good news (most of the time, the nature of this good news is understood to be wealth-related).

The Jin Chan is usually depicted as a bullfrog with red eyes, flared nostrils and only one hind leg (for a total of three legs), sitting on a pile of traditional Chinese cash, with a coin in its mouth. On its back, it often displays seven diamond spots. According to feng shui beliefs, Jin Chan helps attract and protect wealth, and guards against bad luck. Because it symbolizes the flow of money, feng shui lore insists that a Jin Chan statue should not be positioned facing the main door ("outward"). It also "should never be kept in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen".

Rutilated Quartz has a high vibration and aligns all the chakras. It

promotes spiritual growth and attunes one to their Divine Purpose. It is

very programmable and can be used to magnify the energy of any

intention or affirmation. It accelerates the manifestation process and

enhances intuition, psychic opening, and consciousness expansion. It

allows one to release fear and anxiety related to childhood memories.

Element: Storm

Chakras: All

Rutillated Quartz Money Toad (Jin Chan)


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