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Tumbled or polished stones emit mild, soft energy that spreads outward in all directions. They offer a great way to carry your crystals with you. Perfect for pockets and bras. 

Freeforms are generally irregular shaped, polished or raw pieces. They are carved to showcase the natural beauty of the crystal.

Crystals carvings are a fun addition to any collection. Shaped in your favorite animal or bird these can be ideal for children or as gift. Smaller animal carvings can be great to hold as the shapes are tactile and great for those that are prone to fidgeting.

Palm stones are perfect to hold during meditation. They are great for fidgeting and keeping your hand busy, great for times of anxiety. Certain crystal palm stones are ideal to help with sleeping, to calm the mind. They're also portable and great for keeping in your bag until needed.

Crystal towers and points focus the energy of the crystal which you can then direct. Great for intention setting and channeling energy.

Generator Towers - have 6 equal sides which taper to a point. 

Carvings can be a way to showcase the beauty of crystals. 

Heart palm stones are similar to palm stones. Hearts can range in size and style. Connected to the heart chakra, they emit their energy in a very loving & gentle manner. They offer a softer energy output.

Spheres emit energy in all directions. Ideal for meditation and scrying. 

Eggs are the embodiment of fertility, healing and balance. Perfect for a family home to provide stability and positive energy.

Sphere stands to hold and display you crystal spheres.

Stands to display crystal hearts and slices


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